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Birth Boot Camp Childbirth Education

Why Birth Boot Camp?

  • Birth Boot Camp is specifically designed to help couples prepare for and achieve an unmedicated birth.
  • You will have the opportunity to be in class with other couples that share similar goals and desires about birth.
  • If you need to miss a class for any reason, special arrangements can be made to make up class.


Group & Private Classes

Birth Boot Camp is a 10 week, natural childbirth class for couples that includes a comprehensive workbook, relaxation training, and a comprehensive breastfeeding DVD course. It is recommended to begin this course between 24-30 weeks of your pregnancy.

Class 1 - Defining the Mission: Why Natural Birth
Class 2 - P.T. and Chow: Physical Training and Nutrition for Birth
Class 3 - Setting Up Camp: Choosing Where to Birth
Chain of Command: Who is in Charge of Your Birth?
Class 4 - Countdown to D-Day: Final Preparations Before Giving Birth
Class 5 - Deployment: Baby on the Move
Class 6 - Supporting Arms: Mom’s Most Important Ally
Class 7 - Cadence: The Sights and Sounds of Birth
Class 8 - The Fog of War: Keeping a Clear Head in Labor
Class 9 - The Plan of Action: Establishing Your Priorities and Making a Plan
Mission Accomplished: The Immediate Postpartum Period
Class 10 - Life With a New Recruit

Read a full description of classes here.

Refresher Course

My Birth Boot Camp Refresher Course is a 6 hour course that is intended for couples who have previously given birth without medication. It is not a crash course or a condensed Birth Boot Camp class. Couples who have had other children but not without medication should enroll in a full Birth Boot Camp 10 week class.

  • Recommended for couples who are at least 35 weeks.
  • Includes a 20-page Refresher Course booklet.

Online Classes

Live classes are always recommended but if it’s impossible to attend live classes, Birth Boot Camp can be taken online anytime of day or night anywhere you have access to a computer.

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