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BUMP to BABY services
for the Greater Houston Area.



It is my desire for all parents to have at their disposal as many tools as possible to bring them ever closer to their goal of a safe, educated and empowered birth.

I am pleased to provide childbirth education, doula services, cloth diapering and natural parenting education and retail as well as many other services I hope will make your journey into parenthood more enjoyable.

As I continually look to educate myself and improve my services, please look for more coming soon. Should you require or desire anything not offered currently, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will always do my best to meet your needs.


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Growing Pains and The Midnight Mommy’s

What a night! One minute I am dead to the world, undoubtedly dreaming about a Ben & Jerry’s buffet (ice cream is a current no-go in my house), when I jump straight up out of bed without a clue as to why. Then I hear it. A muffled cry and “the mommy’s” coming from down the hall. Kid is laying in his bed gripping
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Bananas, oh how I missed thee!

You would think after more than a year of avoiding bananas I would have found a way to be content without them. NOPE! Why did I give up something I obviously love? It’s all Pookie’s fault. P was apparently allergic to bananas. So here we are at a year old and while milestones like walking and saying ma-ma have come and gone, the thing
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7 Day Movement Challenge with Fit2B

We all have exceptionally busy lives. Whether you are a bigwig at a booming company, the secretary trying to shop and plan your families dinner on your lunch break or the stay at home mom trying to corral 3 kids into the bath tub; we all forget to make time for ourselves. Today, I challenge you! Join me, and my family in the Fit2B
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